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WELCOME TO THE JUNGLEA dramatic sensory experience using music, theatre, video and art to bring to life the physical and emotional journey of refugees escaping extremism and rebuilding their lives in the UK. Please contact us if you would like to get involved.

It will be taking raw data from various sources and reports including: REFUGE: Youth Pathways Escaping Extremism, which documents the full spectrum of asylum from risks, people trafficking and human tragedy. Authored by senior researcher Nikita Malik, the report focuses on young people and is partnered by UNICEF, Euro Child and Child to Child.

The venue is an underground atmospheric crypt and these are a few examples of the artistic engagements: a media-reporting tunnel, a bombardment of the Daily Mail type of reporting on refugees. Child trafficking: video installations, first hand stories and artwork. Women trafficking: monologues performed by actors. Call to action: What you can do to help?

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