• The story bubbles and explodes into a cathartic finale

    Blanche Marvin

  • This is certainly a company with a bright future.

    Fringe Review

  • Angry Bairds - top marks for whoever came up with that name.

    Irish Post

  • Pokes ruthless fun at 21st-century food snobbery.

    Irish Post

  • Creates a simulacrum of reality.

    Howard Loxton - British Theatre Guide

  • A brash and brave run at what is a very difficult and often un-discussed subject matter.

    Broadway Baby

  • Commended for a bold approach to the topic

    A Younger Theatre

Pole Factor

‘A vicious, incredibly current satire on the media in Britain today’

Three Weeks

Project Lolita

‘A rare play that takes on the complexity of communication in a modern world.’

The National

Project Lolita

‘A vicious and amusing satire of society and its obsession with reality celebrities.’

What's On London

Project Lolita

‘A disturbing look at multilayered issues including the media, racial tension, sexualisation and personal loss.’

The National Student


Screen Shot 2013 07 29 at 11.51.18Angry Bairds was founded by MA Screenwriting and Theatre graduates Nazish and Sophie. They like to provoke an audience, entice strangers to talk and explore the uncomfortable through theatre, film or immersive pop-up experiences like EAT and the upcoming profound refugee experience WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE 2017.
At the core of their writing is a strong female voice, a societal ill, a swipe at the media and maybe the odd reference to food.


A psychological reaction to being offended, wronged or denied. We produce our best work under these conditions. Happy endings might not be our thing.


A poet, traditionally one reciting epics. Baird was also the clever chap that invented the television.


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